Gender Reassignment Surgery

A.K.A. Gender Affirmation Surgery/ Sex Change Surgery / Sex Reassignment Surgery

Male to Female or M to F (Trans Female) GAS

Female to Male or F to M (Trans Male)


The minimum requirement to start Hormonal therapy or Breast Surgery is:

The minimum requirement for Genital Surgery is:

Female to Male or F to M (Trans Male)

F to M is more complex and complicated procedure than M to F. The surgeries are always staged and are:

A gap of 4-6 month is required in between each stage for proper healing of the areas. Few further stages may be required to fine tune the results or to perform ancillary procedures like vocal cord surgery to change the voice etc.

Male to Female or M to F (Trans Female) GAS

First stage surgery involves – orchiectomy, creation of vagina / labia / clitoris from penile skin / scrotal skin / glans, creation of neourethral opening (+ breast implants if required)

Note: feminization / masculinization surgeries are considered cosmetic

Feminization Procedures

Masculinization Procedures

“It must be very clear that the outcome of any SRS reconstructive surgery is completely irreversible, can never be as realistic as natural ones, and after SRS, one can never become a genetic father or mother for whole life.

* Terms & conditions apply.

Cosmetic Surgery Tummy Tuck Laser Hair Removal
Facelift Breast Implants Hymenoplasty Hair Transplant

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